In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Opportunities for analyzing large data sets and building custom applications rapidly
  • The changing IT demands and technology challenges in healthcare and life sciences
  • The AWS Landing Zone solution, purpose, and features
  • How the UCSF Landing Zone and applicable AWS services maintain HIPAA compliance while enabling agile development and infrastructure scalability
  • Q&A with experts in Cloud solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences

About Speakers


James works with academic medical centers, which are universities that have an affiliated hospital system, a school of medicine, and that perform medical research. He helps them use the AWS Cloud to securely host their sensitive applications and data, including Protected Health Information (PHI).


Sandeep GIRI, program manager University of california, san francisco

As the leader in program and product management at the UCSF School of Medicine Technology Services (SOM Tech), Sandeep Giri helps bring a wealth of knowledge and experience for developing new research and clinical applications within secure cloud environments, as well as scaling out UCSF's on-premise High Performance Computing (HPC) platform.


jimmy chui, director of customer success CLEARSCALE

Jimmy Chui brings over 20 plus years of extensive experience in IT and in the cloud space, and works closely with customers who benefit from his broad range of expertise and knowledge in IT relating functions and web operations.


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How AWS Powered Platforms are Solving Problems in
Today's Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries.